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Shiller highlights graph of CME futures on CNBC

When Professor Robert Shiller was asked this morning, on CNBC, for his views on market expectations of forward home prices, he had a graph prepared to illustrate how the 2018 CUS contract prices were consistent with ~25% gains (over today’s … Read More

Basics: OK, so you’re bearish. What to do besides selling your house?

It seems that a growing numbers of commentators are becoming ever-louder in their bearish views.  Yet few give their readers any practical advice as to how to put this “knowledge” to work.  Are they suggesting that people sell their houses … Read More

Higher Forward Prices, but Forward Prices Remain Flat (and could go lower)

As I listen to the debate about the direction of home prices over the next year, I think people get confused between those who call for a higher level of forward prices (a possibly bullish signal), versus those highlighting reductions … Read More

Case Shiller #’s vs Feb 2014 market (G14 CME contract)

While much of the press seemed to interpret today’s Case Shiller #’s as weaker, a comparison of the actual numbers versus the mid-market quotes for the expiring Feb 2014 (G14) contract suggests that the numbers were more bullish than expected.… Read More

Dec recap (belatedly) posted

I just got around to posting a recap of activity in the S&P Case Shiller (home price index) futures that are traded on the CME.  (See Reports section or click here).  Unfortunately it wasn’t large December volume, but other … Read More

Recap of Nov activity posted

I’ve posted a recap of activity in the CME S&P Case Shiller home price index futures for the month of Nov to the Reports section of this website (or one can click here to access.)  The report uses an end … Read More

Futures markets: post Nov CS release (Edited 10 AM to include table)

The CME futures reacted to yesterday’s release of the September Case Shiller indices by performing what we used to call an accordion market.  One side (in this case primarily the offers) was unchanged, while the other pulled away (in this … Read More

As Nov. expiration approaches

The last day of trading for the Nov 2013 contract is Monday.   (Recall that the Case Shiller indices will be released on Tuesday and that the Nov 2013 contract will settle on those numbers.)  With only a few days to … Read More

Basics: Historical Volume, Open Interest 2006-2013

In working to update the marketing book, I compiled historical open interest and volume data from the CME covering the period 2006-2013 into two tables in the Reports section (or that one can access here volume, open interest) … Read More

Updated marketing book for CME S&P Case Shiller futures

I have taken some of the graphs from month-end recaps and used them to update my marketing book for the CME S&P Case Shiller home price index futures.  The presentation is in the Reports section or can be accessed here.Read More