Welcome to  this forum on home price derivatives.  I’m John CUS Mar 31Dolan, the independent market maker for the S&P Case Shiller (home price index) futures that are traded on the CME.    I would like to use this site to facilitate  greater discussion of, and better understanding by academics, regulators, policy makers, rating agencies, traders and all interested parties in housing transactions (e.g. buyers, sellers, lenders, MBA, NAR), in the markets for home price products, how they can be traded, and how to interpret observed market prices.  Please feel free to email me with questions or suggestions at johnhdolan@homepricefutures.com .  You can join the discussion on LinkedIn in the CME Case Shiller Home Price Futures group, and/or sign up for Twitter updates (mostly trade notices) at @HomePriceFuture

My hope is that with greater awareness, more contributions (quotes) from other traders, and a willingness by traders and hedgers to dabble in these products, that better liquidity will evolve for futures on this critically important Candle Graph Mar 31financial market.

These markets should be viewed as a community effort where opinions can be expressed and debated.  Contributions, whether outright orders, spread quotes, or ideas to either side of the debate would be appreciated.

BTW – For any who enjoy/value this work, I’m happy to take Bitcoin contributions at 1CYDofNN7XEcWEcCoG1FrBD41RDs3L3mSp


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Shiller highlights graph of CME futures on CNBC

When Professor Robert Shiller was asked this morning, on CNBC, for his views on market expectations of forward home prices, he had a graph prepared to illustrate how the 2018 CUS contract prices were consistent with ~25% gains (over today’s … Read More

Basics: OK, so you’re bearish. What to do besides selling your house?

It seems that a growing numbers of commentators are becoming ever-louder in their bearish views.  Yet few give their readers any practical advice as to how to put this “knowledge” to work.  Are they suggesting that people sell their houses … Read More

Case Shiller Futures -Post #’s MTD

The futures market reacted quietly to Tuesday’s release of the January Case Shiller indices.  Prices edged higher in most contracts (with the exception of BOS and CHI).  Offers rose faster than bids (particularly in MIA and SFR) leading to slightly … Read More